Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Post-Game shots from after the 1996 WJC Gold Medal Game

I recently saw an interview with José from when he and Team Canada won the gold medal in the 1996 World Junior Championships. The video wasn't in a format that I could post, but I did take some screen captures, and I wanted to share those. I also wanted to share part of what he said, because it was really neat and touching. Here he was at first (remember he was 19 at this time.)
One thing I noticed was when the interviewer congratulated him on being named to the All-Star Tournament team and being awarded the Best Goaltender of the Tourney award, he immediately said he owed that to his teammates. He said how well they played in front of him, and he was sure he won the awards because they won big games, and that was due to his team. I thought that was neat that he has been that way his whole career, even as a very young man.
Then the interviewer said: Before the tournament started, I know each player dedicated their effort in this tournament to an individual or people who had an effect on his life. Talk to me about who you dedicated it to and why.
José: All my family, my parents who helped me through all the tough times. And especially all my brothers. One is watching (looks at camera), “Nick, that’s for you, big brother.” (frame 2)
Then they show him holding the medal.
José: I got it, that’s for you. I dedicated this tournament to you, and I got it!” (frame 4)
Then as the interview was ending, he said thanks to the interviewer and looked back at the camera (frame 5) and said “Nick, that’s for you.”

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