Friday, May 11, 2012

Walking down Memory Lane this Off-Season

Over on my Facebook page, each day I'm posting a photo from José's career chronologically. I'll also post them over here once a week.
January 1996. José with fellow goalie, Marc Denis, with their gold medals after Team Canada captured the 1996 World Junior Championship. José was also named to the tournament all-star team.
His Team Canada photo, 1996
February 1996 (Before he became #60). He's wearing his black Hull Olympique pads. I believe he was called up by the Canadiens due to injury, but I don't know that he actually played this game. It said it was in NJ.
This photo was also labelled as Feb 1996 (no specific day.) Maybe it was later in the month, because you can see he's wearing #60 now and he has red/white/blue pads rather than his black Hull pads. And maybe this was also one that he didn't play in, rather was the backup, because it's also labelled as NJ.
This one just said it was during the 1996-97 season.
This one also said it was during the 1996-97 season, but he had a different mask by this time.
Nov. 7, 1996. Listen to this sad caption though: "Rookie goaltender Jose Theodore of the Montreal Canadiens adjusts his helmet after allowing three goals in the third period against the Los Angeles Kings." Aww...poor José! Things will get better, little guy! ;o)
Jose Theodore of the Montreal Canadiens looks on during a game against the Phoenix Coyotes at the Molson Centre in Montreal, Canada. The Coyotes tied with the Canadiens 2-2 (Ah, the days before shootouts! :D)
01 Feb 2002: Jose Theodore of the Montreal Canadiens in his North America jersey during the NHL Allstar week in Los Angeles, California
Also from the 2002 All Star Game (with Jovo when he was playing for Vancouver.) I wouldn't have even recognized Jovo.
Goaltenders Byron Dafoe of the Boston Bruins and Jose Theodore of the Montreal Canadiens after game six of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals. The Canadiens won 2-1 to take the series 4-2. (Thanks to José!)
This one was submitted by Marielle, a fellow José fan (He's with singer Eric Lapointe, May 2002.)
Also from Marielle (June 2002 performing with Eric Lapointe.)

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