Saturday, March 8, 2014

José's Appearances on TVA Sports and Sportsnet on Trade Deadline Day

José did analysis about the goalie trades this past Wednesday (trade deadline day.) He made appearances (from his home) on TVA Sports and Sportsnet both.

From TVA (in French):
Video (I believe this was the first one to show up, talking about the Luongo trade and some other stuff.)
Video (talking about the Dubnyk trade and the funny party where they asked him if he’d suit up if Bergevin gave him the call.)
And I think a friend saw one more after I had to leave for an appointment where he talked about the Thomas trade, and she recorded it. So when she has a chance to upload it, I’ll post it as well.
From Sportsnet (in English)
Video (at the end is where he’s asked about his tuque and he talks about Romi playing with it…that alone is worth the price of admission.)
Video (This is the one Val’s friend recorded from the TV and then I uploaded to YouTube.)
If I remember or find more I’ll edit, but I think this is all at this time. 

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