Wednesday, March 12, 2014

José's 3/12/14 appearance on Premier Trio

The NHL GMs are having meetings in Boca Raton, FL this week, so tonight on Premier Trio José and Louis Jean talked to the Panthers GM, Dale Tallon.

And the first question Louis Jean asked Tallon was why didn't they sign José this summer.

Video here (also article to go along with it)

Translation of the part of the article about José and Dale:

Theo "confronts" Tallon

The last confession of Tallon, he regrets not having kept Jose Theodore after the 2012-2013 season, when the contract of Quebec keeper expired.

"I made a mistake!" said the native of Abitibi. "Jose is a good goalkeeper . We made ​​a mistake, you have to admit that ('you must admit your mistake'.)"

Good Theo handed (?) , taking care to specify that he maintains a good relationship with the Chief Panthers.

"The championship section ( 2011-2012 ), this is the year that I was there!" laughed the new expert TVA Sports. "When I look at it, it makes me happy!"

"Dale and I , we have a good relationship. We play golf together . I was very disappointed, but Dale knows. This is the business side."

With the return of Luongo , the Chief Panthers exchanged substantial wage Tim Thomas against the lighter Dan Ellis, from the Dallas Stars.

Ellis, 33, will receive $ 900,000 in 2014-2015. Is Tallon manigancera (scheming?) to bring Theodore as a substitute (backup?) for Luongo? The guard earned $1.5 million when he played for the Panthers.

The two men have not spoken on camera. Do they talk about green Florida? (Do they talk about it on the greens?)

José also talked about obstruction of NHL goalies

Video here

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