Sunday, April 6, 2014

I'm still here!

I realize I've been a bit quiet lately. I'm going through a job change, and it's stressing me out, and I don't have as much time to keep up with all my blogs. I still update tumblr and Facebook everyday, but this one doesn't get enough attention. My apologies for that.

José is still making appearances now and then on Premier Trio and Le Match on TVA. Some are in-studio in Montreal and others are by video from his home in Boca.

I will have some screen shots from the shows once I receive them from my friend in Montreal. I'm also receiving a translation of his interview with Denis Levesque from another friend, so once I have all that I'll post it as well.

José has not recently addressed whether he'll be retiring or not. Last I knew he said he'd reassess this summer. I really think he wants to stay in Florida, because he doesn't want to take Romi out of her school, and he doesn't want to leave her, so I'm not sure if he'd sign anywhere other than with Florida. We'll see what happens.

I swear I'll be back with some stuff from his TVA appearances.

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