Thursday, August 14, 2014

José loves golf, August 2014 edition

It's long been known that José loves playing golf. I wouldn't be surprised if he plays everyday when possible, year round since he lives in Florida and pretty much lives on a golf course.

In the past couple of weeks he's played in two charity golf events in the Montreal area.

On August 6th, he participated in the Simple Plan Foundation tournament (the guys from the band Simple Plan are personal friends of his.)

This photo was from that event. He's with Dary Laflamme and Michel Bergeron.

Then earlier this week he participated in Michel Therrien's charity golf tournament.

I first realized he was at that event when Kris Letang, defenseman for the Pittsburgh Penguins tweeted/instagrammed this photo with the caption "Mon idole #60."

Here is a photo posted by the girl who was his caddy (@penblackk)

And here he was talking with the GM of the Habs, Marc Bergevin.

Here are a few different angles of the group photo, but he's hard to see. He's in the back row, 3rd from left, in the cap and red and gray shirt.

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