Saturday, July 5, 2014

José is still doing analysis for TVA Sports

Just checking in to let you all know José is still doing analysis for TVA Sports. He was on their Free Agency Frenzy coverage on July 1, 2014. And TVA Sports is now the official French network of the NHL, so beginning next season they will be showing a lot more games, especially Habs' games.

Here are a few shots from his appearance on July 1st.

And Val recorded this from her was when they asked José about his "Welcome to the NHL" moment.

Louis: What was your welcome to the NHL moment?

José: I remember it very well, and Renaud too remembers it. It was an emergency call up. I was 19 playing for the Hull Olympiques and Rejean Houle came to get me on a private jet so we could get to Hartford. I missed the warm up, I just had time to get myself dressed. In Hartford the number 2 goalie sits in the corner so it was 3-1 for us, I was relaxed looking around at the crowd appreciating the moment (I think a better non-direct translation is taking it all in.) Then all of a sudden 3 or 5 goals go in really fast, and I remember Mario Tremblay made a sign, andI had forgotten my glove and blocker in the locker room. So now Mario wants me to get on the ice, and you see me running for the locker room. It looked like I was scared and that I didn’t want get on the ice. And then I was scored on on the second shot. So that was really my baptism into the NHL. Wasn’t the best way to enter the NHL.

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