Tuesday, October 21, 2014

José will become a contributor to the Journal de Montreal "Between the Pipes"

It's been announced that José will be joining the staff of the Journal de Montreal as a contributor to their weekly section "Between the Pipes" (which will come out every Tuesday.)

Here is the article: http://www.journaldemontreal.com/2014/10/20/jose-theodore-se-joint-au-ijournal/i

Here is the Google translation version of the article for those who don't speak French. It doesn't seem great, but it will do, at least we can get the gist of it.

I am pleased to announce that Jose Theodore joins our team of experts in hockey. You can read his opinions on Tuesdays in your favorite sports section. 

His column will be part of a two-page section titled Between the pipes, which will work another specialist in this position, the journalist Gilles Moffet, who led the magazine Goalies' World of 1996-2011. 

Gilles analyze in detail the work of the guards with a similar to that used in his weekly magazine rankings. 

The passion 

José, who played 16 seasons in five markets - Montreal, Colorado, Washington, Minnesota and Florida - has made ​​his living in hockey. Very even. Enough to enjoy a good quiet retreat for many years. Why go back to TVA Sports analyst and now the Journal? 

"When, like me, you've played hockey since the age of four years, the most difficult, when you withdraw is not to be part of a team, not to end up with you boys, says "Theo." For me it was the best platform to stay in the middle of hockey without the need to always travel as a coach, for example. 

"And above all, I still have the passion of the sport there." 

Shared by a lot of people in Quebec sentiment! 

"The Colorado and Washington are good markets Hockey"

he said. Except that it also has the NFL football, baseball and basketball, then hockey always falls in fourth. Not here. It may be a cliché but it's true to say that hockey is a religion in Montreal. People are passionate about. "

Demystifying the work herding (?)

When he played, José was some analysis on the work of the guards sometimes lacked nuance. Or were downright wrong. 

"People sometimes assessed a game like a bad goal, but in my mind it was not that, 'he says. And other times, I was told that a player had a beautiful goal against me, so I felt it was wrong. "

José will use its extensive experience in the art of guardian to demystify this position which is in a class by itself. 

"To dare to face the throws 100 miles an hour, you have to be a little different from other players, he said. And you have no flexibility, you can not hide or change your style of play if you feel less a night. In fact, you can never cheat. That is why I am talking about the mental approach to move to that position, which is not like the others. 

"Twenty thousand people watching you and if your team makes a mistake, it is you who have to fix it. There is an additional stress. I want to evaluate the strength of character of the guards, their ability to bounce back. "


Ups and downs, "Theo" lived in a nasty package. 

He made his niche in the Canadian dislodging Jeff Hackett experienced the miseries of a club in distress and happiness of a miraculous year: two trophies, the Hart and Vezina with the emotional return of Saku Koivu in series . José saw the Canadiens quietly out of the shallows, while he was going through difficult seasons, punctuated with controversy, before being traded to Colorado. 

In short, to paraphrase "the Moose," "Theo the mileage in your NHL!" 

He can dissect a variety of situations, such as the eternal battle between the numbers 1 and 2 numbers. 

"Fans love stories, they like being told their personal stories and they want to know exactly how it happens in a hockey locker room, either with Alex Ovechkin in Washington, Joe Sakic Colorado or Saku Koivu in Montreal , "said Theodore, who promises to tell more in his column. 

"In Montreal, goalkeepers have always been an important factor. I want to share what I experienced, to share my experiences with the readers. "

It is therefore an appointment. Every Tuesday.

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