Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Yet more proof of how amazing José is

Sorry I haven't updated much here lately. José is still making appearances on TVA Sports (usually either Premier Trio or the Dave Morrissette show, or during Habs broadcasts.) He's also contributed to 3 articles in Journal de Montreal now (one each week.)

But I wanted to share my personal story showing how kind José is.

A few weeks ago a friend of José's tweeted a photo of him with a pair of pads he wore his last season in Florida, and said he was going to auction them off. But that tweet didn't really reach the kind of audience that would be in the market for a pair of goalie pads costing hundreds of dollars, even if they were worn by the most awesome goalie ever. So the starting bid was $400.

I was fortunate to see the tweet, and I was blessed because my wonderful friends weren't going to bid against me.  So because no one else in the market for these really saw the tweet, I was the only bidder. 

But after José found out I was the one who bid on them, he told his friend to tell me that he was GIVING THEM TO ME AS A GIFT! And he wanted his friend to tell me thanks for all of my support!!  So I was overjoyed, but I didn't feel I could accept such a nice gift, so I told them I would donate the money I would have paid for the pads to the hospital in D.C. where José and Stéphanie's son was cared for during his short life. I know the NICU at Children's National means a lot to them, so it was only fitting they be the beneficiaries of his kindness to me. 

So that's the story! He is one of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet, he's stayed so humble and down-to-earth even after all his success, and it's no wonder he is and always will be my favorite.

First is the photo that was tweeted when his friend first mentioned the auction. And then a photo showing the pads being used in an actual game. Then the rest are taken by my husband when I was opening the pads last night.

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