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José in February 2015 issue of Clin d'oeil

There is an interview with José in the February 2015 issue of Clin d'oeil, which is already on sale. It's a Quebec magazine, so might only be available there, but I ordered a digital copy online here:

I used Google translate to translate the article. It's not great, but it at least helps.

Feel free to leave me a comment if you see any glaring errors.

New Goals for Theo
José Theodore is warm, patient, listening (?) and generous. He loves clothes we present him and makes everyone laugh. In short, he lets fully take the game of our photo shoot. (?) The former star goalkeeper of the Canadiens is a real pro; the models have nothing to envy (? that doesn’t sound right) It is the same for the interview - we feel like we are chatting with our best friend.
The barrage of flashes and questions from reporters, Jose Theodore knows. The little guy from Laval played for the Montreal Canadiens for 10 seasons, played 19 years in the National Hockey League, made short passages in Colorado, Washington, Minnesota to finish with the Florida Panthers in 2013. A long and successful career.
At 38, this young retiree from professional sports is in top form, and his smile says a lot about his new activities. In January 2014, he returned to Quebec supporters as a commentator and analyst for TVA Sports. The chain had just acquired the broadcast rights for Canadiens games, becoming the official broadcaster of the NHL in Canada, a monopoly previously held by RDS. Since last October, he also writes a column devoted to goalkeepers in Le Journal de Montreal and is preparing to discuss an issue with Michel Bergeron, every month in the magazine La Semaine. Retraining that fits like a glove. 
"I wanted to reconnect with the Quebec public. I felt it was time to return; I was waiting for the right time," he says. It is true that the hockey player had cut ties with supporters and media in Quebec for several years, the latter having abused him before he left the Habs.
Life after
When he was drafted by the Montreal Canadiens in June 1994, José Theodore was not yet 18 years old. A few years later, he won two of the most prestigious awards in hockey: the Vezina Trophy (best NHL goalie) and the Hart Trophy (player most valuable to his team) in 2001-02. Training camps, travel, seasons which are connected, pressures of all kinds, high level sport had made this lifestyle a little crazy.
And retirement has arrived. ”For years, I used to be with 20 guys in the middle of guy to guy jokes and hockey. We travel together, we go out together, we play together. I grew up in this gang. Then, overnight, the brotherhood is no longer there. When people ask me what I miss the most, I answer that it is the team spirit.”
From the beginning, we have advised him to think of his after career. (?) His original idea was to enjoy life in Florida with his wife, Stéphanie Cloutier - the youngest of our national Vero (younger sister of) - and their daughter, Romi, now eight years old. “I was not in a hurry to “replace me”. I wanted to take a year or two, spend quality time with my wife and my daughter, playing tennis, traveling. I had not even had time to say the word “retirement” when I found myself commenting on games!”
The puck in the blood
Sports analyst, yes, but not at any price. José Theodore is coming to Montreal a few days a month and comments on most games on TVA Sports from a ministudio installed in his home in Florida. He also participates in the Dave Morissette en direct broadcast as a specialist on goalkeepers. Former NHL player Morissette shared a hotel room with Theodore when they played in the American League. So are old chums.
"I found the love of the sport," says José. "After several years, the danger is that it becomes a job. I found the passion I had when I was a little guy: talk about the game, the players; so and so is good, another less. But what is more important is that I found a brotherhood and the same mentality as that prevailing in a team."
In Montreal and throughout Quebec, people know and love hockey, which is not the case in the United States. ”Here we have hockey in the blood,” he adds. “I want the public to see me as passionate, someone who is not afraid to get wet. I have not been engaged (hired?) to initiate flowers to Canadiens. I want to stay natural and emotional, and say what I think, even if it displeases.”
Fashion, a family affair
Theo the hockey player was already noted by his daring dress. In 2004, he made the cover of the Journal de Montreal with a diamond loop (they weren’t loops) in each ear and both arms covered in tattoos. “I got my first tattoo at age 15. Previously there were preconceptions; now it is considered fashion. But I, trend or not, I’ve always liked tattoos, and I even added to the wire years.” (?)
José has always dared, contrary to the rather traditional image of the NHL. At first, he was asked to shave, wear simple outfits, etc. ”It starts to change. Young players are more conscious of their image and allow more things. In Washington, I was going to the luxury shops with Ovechkin, Backstrom and Green; they loved it.”
The shops, it’s also common in Florida, with the two women in his life, Stéphanie and Romi. The couple, fashion fans (and jewelry), effectively passed on their passion to their little. (daughter?) “I’ve always been quite forward thinking. I like to keep an eye on trends, wear nice clothes, surprise Stéphanie. She knows my tastes, I know hers, and she has the eye. Romi also. Since the age of three, she accompanies me in the changing rooms to give me her opinion: “That’s fine, Dad! That, no, it’s not your style.” She has her own ideas and she is often right. But I have to be careful, because I am very sugar daddy and loves it, choose for herself! (I marked out what didn’t translate right, so Val helped but said one word doesn’t really translate but it seems like “she likes to choose her own clothes, and he would like to but stops himself because she likes to do it herself.”)
What is the look of Theo today? “There is a little of everything in my wardrobe. I am a frustrated musician; So, my favorite style is a little rebellious, a kit too perfect (clothes too perfect?) But I also like to attend the gala with beautiful full well that fall. Playing on my image by varying looks like very much.”
Know that we, we like, José!

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