Thursday, January 22, 2015

2002 Magazine Articles with José and Stéphanie

Thanks so much to Marielle, a fellow fan from Montreal, who has shared photos with me before. This time she shared a wealth of information...3 magazine articles from 2002. They are in French, but if you use Google Translate you can struggle through (if you're like me and don't speak French.)

Eventually if I get good enough translations I'll post some of the highlights of the articles. I realized this is the first time I've ever seen quotes from Stéphanie. Since I've only been following hockey (and therefore his career) since 2010, I missed all these things from the early years, and I'm still catching up! ;)

This is from the February 2002 issue of Clin d'oeil.

This was a 2002 issue of Le Lundi.

This was from a May 2002 issue of 7 Jours, and it's strictly an interview with Stéphanie, which was nice since I've not heard much from her before. It's very sweet to hear her talk about him, very similarly to how he's talked about her in the past. They have a very strong love that's weathered a lot of storms, and I have the utmost respect for them as a couple.

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