Tuesday, February 10, 2015

José (and maybe Stéphanie) to appear on March episode of Accès Illimité

Last night Jean-Philippe Dion, co-host of a TVA program called Accès Illimité, tweeted a photo of himself with José in Florida (outside José and Stéphanie's house.)

He also posted the photo on his Facebook page with the caption:

Nous avons terminé aujourd'hui le tournage de notre reportage avec José Théodore en Floride! 
C'est fascinant de voir à quel moment nos journées de tournage ne se ressemblent jamais à Accès Illimité ! 
Je pense que vous aimeriez la franchise de José et de sa femme Stéphanie!

Online translation was: We have concluded today the filming of our report with José Theodore in Florida!
This is fascinating to see how time our days of filming are ever to Accès Illimité !
I think that you would like to the franchise of José and his wife, Stéphanie!

A friend told me she believes "franchise" in this context would mean they were "forthcoming and honest." 

So that sounds to me like Stéphanie will be a part of this show! I really hope so. That will be so neat.

I'm not sure when the show will air...I believe this is a Sunday night show, but he said coming in March. So it shouldn't be until March. I will post when I know more.

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