Monday, June 27, 2016

José Theodore and Stéphanie Cloutier through the years (since 2012)

I made a post in 2013 of most of the photos I had of José and Stéphanie through the years, but at that time the latest I had were from her sister, Veronique's, wedding in 2012. I have made other posts with their photos since then (Access Illimite, Le Mirage premiere), but I thought I would make another of all the more recent photos and link it from the older post so people see these as well when they hit that post.

In the summer of 2012 this photo was posted on Instagram by Jacquelin Napal, Chuck Comeau's girlfriend at the time and wife now.

José was interviewed by Denis Levesque in February 2014, but Stéphanie didn't appear in that much other than here.

Then I don't think I have any of her until they appeared on Access Illimite in March 2015. Some of these aren't actual photos, but rather screen captures. And here is the post I made at the time.

Then during the summer of 2015 they attended the premier of their brother-in-law Louis' movie, Le Mirage.

In November 2015 José was selected as the honorary president of the JDRF's Dia-BEAT-It Gala (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.)

Here is one of Stéphanie and Veronique from 2015 I believe it was.

And this is an older one, obviously, but I found it after that 2012 post.

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