Tuesday, July 30, 2013

José Theodore and Stephanie Cloutier Through the Years

I know a lot of people land on this blog searching for José and Stephanie photos. So I thought I'd just make an entry of as many of my favorites as I can find.

I made a more recent post in June of 2016 with newer photos also.

But before I post the photos, while in Minnesota he gave an interview and said this: 

How did I know Stephanie was the one? I knew right away. She gave me a chance for a second date, which was good. I felt the connection right away. When you meet someone and you feel after the first or second date like you’ve known them 10 years, it’s almost weird. It was almost scary. It seemed like I knew her since I was a kid.

I'll start with the most recent I have of the two of them together. This was from July 2012 at Stephanie's sister's wedding. They were scanned from a magazine, so the quality isn't the best.


Then from October 2011 at a Panthers Gala.

This was from the 2010 NHL Awards.

And the rest of these are from when he played for Montreal. I'm not sure on some of the dates, so they aren't necessarily in order.

I do know this was a magazine article talking about when they were expecting Romi, so in 2005.

And she was also expecting Romi here.

The rest I'm not sure of the date unless I note it. These two were probably sometime in 2005, but I'm not sure, just judging by his hair and earrings. But I don't think Romi had been born yet.

I again think she was pregnant with Romi here (Romi was born in March 2006.)

This was from their first "official, out-in-public" date in 1998, at the opening of Planet Hollywood.

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