Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Still no news

There still hasn't been any news about José possibly signing with a team.

I apologize for being so quiet over here. I still post photos on my tumblr everyday, I just can't find the time right now to post on both blogs. But I totally understand if my tumblr isn't your cup of tea. It's a totally different atmosphere over there. I also post at least one photo a day on the fan page I run for José on Facebook (called José Theodore, NHL Goalie.) So if you're on Facebook and want to like that page, feel free.

If there is any news I will definitely report it here as soon as I hear. And I will try to pop in with some photos from the past more often. I'm collecting as many photos as I can from places this summer (mostly in-game photos from past seasons), so I'm in the process of getting them more organized, etc. So it doesn't leave a lot of time to actually blog them. But this blog will continue, and I will post more things when I get a chance.

Thanks to those who still check in! I really appreciate it!


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