Wednesday, July 24, 2013

José is the kind of NHL player/athlete any fan could be proud of

Back in March 2012 the Panthers played the Canadiens, and I remember an article at that time talking about how Carey Price, goalie for the Habs, really appreciated how kind José had been to him through the years.

Today when I was looking for photos, I ran across these images. It seems the RDS broadcast of the game posted graphics of the quotes from the 2 goalies.

Here is a translation (although I can't vouch for complete accuracy, as I don't understand French.)

Carey Price: “Jose Theodore has always treated me well. We don’t see that very often with number one goaltenders. I’m very grateful towards him.”
Jose Theodore: “Younger, I saw how certain goaltenders that I admired treated me. I was disappointed. I told myself I would never compose myself in that fashion.”


  1. "comporter" is closer to "behave" than to "compose". I take the the last sentence of Jose's quote to mean something along the lines of "I said to myself that I would never act in such a fashion" or " ...that I would never behave that way"


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