Friday, November 18, 2011

Day After Seeing José Play in St. Louis

So you've probably seen the score from last night's game against the Blues. The Panthers lost 4-1 (the 4th was an empty netter.) But I can honestly say I'm not disappointed with the night, thanks to José. Sure I'm disappointed for him and the rest of the guys, but he made my night so wonderful, that I just can't be disappointed. Here's what happened:

I was standing at the glass, with my pathetic little sign that said “We adore Theodore #60.” I must say it got a few smiles from the guys. I know Flash, Weiss, and Jovo all saw it, and a few others, I think. So that was cool. It’s hard to tell if José saw it since he had his mask on. But he knew I was there supporting him, so that’s all that matters.

I was standing there, being a derp. It was about 5 minutes into warmups, and a security guard came up behind me and said “Will you come with me?” I was caught off guard. I thought “Crap, am I in trouble for having a sign? They ok’ed it when I walked in.” So he directed me over to the Panthers’ bench area. There was another security guard there holding a stick!! No lie!! He handed it to me and said “He wanted you to have this.”

DEAD ON FLOOR!!! I was speechless. I could see that it was signed by José and I was just dead. The guy pointed to the other security guard and said “He’ll take you to Guest Services and they’ll hold the stick for you during the game.” So I totally derped and said “Tell him thanks!” Like the security guard is going to tell him thanks? What a herp-a-derp I am, but I didn’t know what else to say.

So Security Guard #1 took me to Guest Services, and they held it for me during the game. I got a lot of admiring looks when I had it in my hands. :o) I went back to my seat and told my brother what happened, and he was like NO WAY!! I was like YES WAY!!! He was quite impressed that José would do that, and I was like “See, I told you he’s the most awesome guy in the NHL!”

Anyway, so I held my sign for a good part of the game. My friend texted me that she saw me on TV, so I was like cool. I could see us on the scoreboard now and then too. My brother’s Illini jacket was orange and blue, so it showed up like my white sign did. You probably couldn’t even see what my sign said, but that’s ok. I knew what it said, and people around me saw. And I wore my Theo jersey SO PROUDLY!! He had some awesome saves. It was so fun seeing him play.

So, I took some pictures. They suck, because my camera is pathetic. But I’ll post some in a bit. I DVR'ed the game, and I'll rewatch today. It’s so hard for me to follow a game in person. So I don’t really even know how the guys played. I’m just not good at watching a game in person, because I tend to watch José too much. ;o)

Oh, and as I was walking out of the arena holding my stick, you would not believe how many admiring looks I got. People were so jealous, and they didn’t even know the story behind it. I could hear “Oh, she has a stick.” My brother was surprised at how many people commented on it. I’m like “Hockey fans know the power of the stick.”

Just wanted to share what an awesome guy José is. I know you all knew that already, but this just reinforces it. Spread the word!! José Theodore is the nicest NHL'er to his fans. No lie!


  1. OMG that is a dream come true!! I am so happy for you! My god he is the most amazing guy isn't he?

  2. Yes, yes, a thousand times YES!!! :o) Amazing is the only way I can think to describe him right now. I don't know if I'll ever forget that feeling when I saw the guy holding the stick out for me.

  3. Awesome!! Glad you had your jersey and sign - I'm sure Theo enjoyed seeing them.

  4. I sure hope he did! :o)

  5. I think so. My guess is that he saw the sign and Panthers jersey and decided he wanted you to have the stick. So he probably asked the equipment manager to get it ready and to let security know to look for you. And since you were easy to spot, that made it easy for security to know they found the right person :o)

  6. Except that he didn't go back to the bench between the time he came on the ice and they called me over to get the stick. I do think it was ready before he stepped on the ice. Either way, I'm still beyond thrilled!


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