Monday, November 21, 2011

My Theo Story on The Rat Trick

I've become friends with Frank Rekas from The Rat Trick (Panthers blog hosted on Fansided), and we talk hockey now and then through twitter and e-mail. I was so excited about my experience at the game in St. Louis last week that I sent Frank an e-mail telling him about it. He was so impressed with what José did that he asked me if I'd be willing to share my story with The Rat Trick readers. At first I was hesitant. Putting myself out there to a larger audience of readers is pretty scary for me. This site is my creation, so I feel I can be my silly and off-beat self, and I won't be judged. I wasn't sure how The Rat Trick readers would take me. But I decided that I wanted more people to know how amazing José is, so I decided I'd do it.

I even allowed my photo to be published? Was I high? Haha. Hopefully everyone will focus on the man standing next to me and just ignore whatever else is in the photo. ;o)

Here's where you can find the article.

No negative critiques please, because it's already published, and I can't change anything now. Thanks.


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