Saturday, January 25, 2014

José's January 20th appearance on TVA's Le Premiere Trio

Here are the two clips that TVA published on their website from his first appearance on Le Premiere Trio on Jan 20th. But first, some info: He said he has nothing to announce, he’s not retiring, and he’ll take the summer to reevaluate. He’s not in a rush.
The first video is when he’s introduced and then they talk about the John Tortorella situation. 
Thanks to Val for this translation.
Near the end, José had a little fun with them, when they called him the “rookie”.
Host (I think his name is Louis): The Premier Trio is a little like a hockey team and in a hockey team there’s a hierarchy, you have to earn your spot. I was looking at your stats, José, you have a number of accomplishments. One being having played 648 games in the NHL, you’ve had a brilliant career. But here you’re a rookie and rookies have to earn their place… Are you thirsty? Dry throat? (He asks Eric)

José: We are gonna make things clear now.. Éric remembers, we are almost the same age, when I was a rookie I was what we would call a little cocky. I got maybe a few pucks flying close to my ears, but it was very rare I went to get water bottles for the veterans… It’s not in my nature to serve.

Host: We have the old Theodore, we like it. And you’re leaving?

José: No now that’s enough, it’s all good.
(This is continued in the next video.) 
Then this one is where they’re talking about Borque and then José brings them their water and then he talks about PK Subban:

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