Saturday, February 1, 2014

José Will Appear on "Denis Levesque" on Wednesday, February 5th

A fellow fan posted this on my José Facebook page:

Jose will be on the TV show “Denis Levesque” on Wednesday February 5th! You can see this TV show on “LCN” in Quebec at 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm, or on TVA also in Quebec the same day at 10:45 pm. It’s going be an interview on his life, the loss of their son, the problems with his family and his father-in-law.
Now even if he is on this show, who’s to say this is actually what he’s going to talk about. Maybe people are just saying that’s what he’s going to talk about…or maybe it was advertised as such? I don’t know…I can’t find anything out there, like on the show’s page or anything like that. I’m not doubting this person, I just don’t find it anywhere.
So if anyone finds this actually written somewhere, shoot me a message.
Someone else commented that Denis said he had gone to Florida for a special interview, so they’re meaning he interviewed José down there. So maybe he won’t be in Montreal for the interview this coming week, but she says it’s being aired on Wednesday.
Keep your eyes and ears open, folks.

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