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Article about José's Interview Tonight

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Regret and Bitterness, José Theodore

By Hugo Bourgoin | VAT News

Eight years after being traded by the Montreal Canadiens and after wearing the vest four other teams in the National Hockey League (NHL) goaltender Jose Theodore makes the point.How has he lived his departure from Montreal? How does he see his future, he who has no contract for the first time since his debut in the NHL? Denis Lévesque met him at his home in Florida. Record of this interview.

Sun, palm trees, tennis, golf. That is what is now the daily former star goalie of the Montreal Canadiens Jose Theodore, settled with his family in a luxurious home in Boca Raton, north of Fort Lauderdale, a world far removed from the arenas he attended continuously for many years.

One who is "very happy" with his current life he is provided a cross on his playing career? Himself seems ambivalent.

"I do not want to leave Florida so when I had offers at the beginning of the summer, I hesitated a little. I wish the Panthers give me another chance, but it never came," said Jose Theodore, ensconced in his swimming pool.

Nevertheless, the one who kept the thread of CH for ten seasons seems happy with what he has done, although admits regret.

"I can say that I'm really proud of my career. I played 16 years in the NHL. Over 16 years, I may have been 13 seasons number one goalkeeper. I represented my country several times. I went to the All-Star game. The only thing I miss is that I would have really liked to win a Stanley Cup. You play to win the Stanley Cup and it is something that I regret that I could not do."

When asked how he explains the fact that no team has requested his services this season, Theodore mentioned two factors: age and injury that took him away from the game last year.

"I went to 37 years, which is considered old enough for hockey.Then, last year, I had a big injury that made me miss the last two months of the season, so it scared many teams, "he says.

Years 'difficult'

When it comes time to talk about his years in Montreal, the goalkeeper becomes bitter, especially against the media he accuses of having looked for "bugs", making him the "difficult" life.

"The last few years in Montreal were a little harder, because I began to see that some journalists wanted to find a little more negative about me."

He referred in particular to the episode in which he sent two fingers of honor at a photographer, event he describes today as "joke" went wrong. (flipped him off as a joke)

"We took pictures with our photographer Bob Fisher. Was all the time I had a good relationship it worse, we were really close. And then he asked me: Give me the easy life, do it quickly. Give me something with your hands that would be good for Kodak , "said Theodore.

The media are then picked up the story. "This is where I saw that this was the beginning of the end for me in Montreal. [...] It was played very big for a stupid case, a joke between him [photographer] and me."

A rumor which disturbs

The goalkeeper also claims to have been upset by a rumor, during his last season with the Canadiens, wishing he had not really hurt, indulging rather a life of debauchery.

"The rumors, I can live with. Except a rumor that affected me a little bit was the fact that I was a sorteux (someone who goes out a lot), I was on drugs ... I've never smoked a cigarette in my life. I've never taken a joint in my life. I was a guy who worked tremendously hard and see that there was a rumor like that, it affected me a lot, "said Theodore, who does not hesitate to describe his last year in Montreal as" horrible. "

Career in the United States

The ax finally shot March 8, 2006, while the star guard was traded to the Colorado Avalanche. Jose Theodore admits he felt relieved, but have also felt a sense of "work not done."

"It bothered me to leave a bitter picture to my fans," says one who had the intention to "return to power" and to end the season.

Theodore however recognizes that his years in the United States, during which he played for the Avalanche, Capitals, Wild and Panthers were easier psychologically because of any pressure that rested on his shoulders.

"When you play in Washington or Colorado, you do your game, you put yourself your own pressure, but once you get home, we do not see you on TV. You go to the mall and nobody said anything about hockey, "he says.

Far from being the end of his troubles, Jose Theodore admits he was "disappointed" by the reception of Montreal on his return to the Bell Centre in another uniform. "It hurt my heart because I saw other players who may have not given much, which were very welcome."

Do not, however, been black for Jose Theodore in the Montreal Canadiens. "The world thinks I got difficult in Montreal, but for real, for ten years, it may have been there eight or nine years ago that was wonderful and the experience that I had to play for the Canadian was incredible. "

And now?

In December, TVA Group announced that Jose Theodore will join TVA Sports team as an associate and analyst. The goalkeeper will take advantage of this opportunity to "revive the Quebec public."

And hockey career, in all this? "I keep myself in shape. It's been a year since I play tennis to keep in shape in case an NHL team called me, "he said. Like what the door is not closed permanently.

*** Interview with Denis Lévesque will be broadcast tonight at 19h and 21h on LCN and TVA at 22h40. TVA Sports subscribers can watch them on the interview on Thursday at 15:30 and 19h.

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