Thursday, July 22, 2010

Articles about José's continuing free agency

First found on (by Alison Myers)

Second found on (by Scott Smith)


  1. I hear ya! Even though I prefer his hair a little longer, this is one of the first photos that I swooned over. hot.

  2. I've been surfing for Jose info and I'm not too impressed with him with his 2006 hookup with Paris Hilton while his child was in prenatal care! I'm glad his girlfriend threw him out of the house after that! But it seems like they got back together and got married?

  3. Unfortunately, that episode is what always comes up first on internet searches. I don't pass judgement, because I don't know what really happened. He escorted her to a music awards show there, and this happened afterwards. I was told by someone who has met him that (like many Quebecois) he is very touchy-feely and affectionate, with everyone. That could be misconstrued in photos. I'm not here to defend that incident, because I don't know what really happened. I wish none of it had happened, as I'm sure he is as well. He has simply said, "Many things that were reported were not true." He did go to the hospital with Stephanie the next day. And he has shown himself to be a wonderful father.

    Everyone makes mistakes, and it's how he's handled himself afterwards that speaks to the kind of person he is.

    Stephanie and José have been together since 1998, and they were never really apart for long after this, even though it was reported she threw him out. He had just gone to Colorado to play, and they took Romy there once she was out of the hospital.

    She is referred to as his wife, but no one actually knows of a wedding taking place. It's assumed that they are more common-law, than legally married. The same ring he wears now is the one that he wore when she was referred to as his girlfriend.


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