Thursday, July 22, 2010

José Photo of the Week

Well, it hasn't been quite a week since I posted the last photo...but I love this photo, so I wanted to put it up now...thanks to my friend, H, for sending it to me. It's obviously from an interview in a Quebec-ian gossip rag. It's actually an interview with José and Stephanie, but it's hard to read. Something about how they met and when she told him she was pregnant with Romy, etc. Not really the important thing here...the best thing is this super photo...I can't get over his eyes in it. And the way his bangs come over his eyebrows...wispy almost. Leaves me flustered. ;o)

Edit: After I found out how to edit in Paint, I edited the interview portion out of this photo.


  1. Haha!! I don't notice the ear thing in other photos, so I think it's the earrings. I have honestly thought that it looks like his earrings aren't quite at the same place on each lobe. I definitely noticed the oddity of his ears/earrings here though. If you look at the photos of him from this year's NHL Awards, when he's wearing the black earrings, they don't look so uneven. Or if you watch some of the video of him talking afterwards, you might be able to see a little better.
    (You can hear his adorable accent here too.)

    Maybe the earrings are a Québécois (or French Canadian) thing. At first they caught me off guard, but they've definitely grown on me. Especially the black ones.

  2. I also edited this post and put in the photo-only pic that I made with Paint. Don't need to distract from his face with all those pesky words.


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