Sunday, September 19, 2010

2003 Heritage Classic

A little history lesson today (the Cowboys are playing the Bears and I don't have a good feeling about the game, so I have to try to distract myself in some way so I don't get too upset.)

If you do an image search for José, you're probably going to get at least one result from the 2003 Heritage Classic game. José is one of the most memorable players from that game, because it was so cold that he wore a toque over his mask. (For those in the U.S. who don't know what a "toque" is, it's a stocking cap. ;o) So this is what you see many times:

The Heritage Classic was played between the Edmonton Oilers and Montreal Canadiens on Nov. 22, 2003. It was the first NHL game to be played outdoors as part of regular season play. The event took place in Edmonton's Commonwealth Stadium in front of a crowd of 57,167, despite temperatures of close to −18 °C (-1 F) , −30 °C (−22 °F) with wind chill. It was held to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Edmonton Oilers joining the NHL in 1979 and the 20th anniversary of their first Stanley Cup win in 1984. Montreal won the game 4-3.
“I remember that my mom always said, ‘Put a toque on — you’re going to catch a cold.’ … So I decided to make sure she’s not going to say anything when I go back home, so I put a toque on.”
And here's an interview where he talked about the game. Shows some very cold footage.


  1. I always wondered what the deal was with the hat on his mask! Now I know. And that was one hell of a cold game!

  2. Yeah, his "toque" has become famous. I forgot to include the interview I found of him talking about the game. They show some clips from the game, and it just looks brutal. No way I would've been outside watching. Canadians are hardier than me. ;o)

  3. Ok, I've included the video now. I need to find the quote again about his mom always telling him to wear a toque so he wouldn't catch cold. He said he wanted to make sure she wouldn't say anything about him not wearing it at the game. ;o)


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