Monday, September 6, 2010

José's Tattoos

The Washington Capitals did a video about some of their players' tattoos. José was one of them, and he seemed to have the most for sure. And they seem really important to him.

I took screen captures of the video. And it was nice of them to caption each thing he said, so you can follow along and see what he was saying.


  1. Yes, he is just raw sex appeal! OMG I can't stand it! I'm going to have to start watching the Capitals games now. I'll be glued to my computer this entire hockey season!

  2. Oh, you will be disappointed to hear that he was not kept by the Caps when he went to free agency in July. I'm very, very sad about it. And I'm even sadder that no freakin' NHL team has picked him up. So close to camps, and he's still a free agent. If he doesn't get a team, a little part of me will die. I kid you not. He's such a good guy and good goalie, he deserves a team! Keep your fingers crossed, and I'll keep you posted. I check the NHL news everyday.


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