Sunday, September 12, 2010

Could it Be Nashville?

On and off this summer I've read Nashville and José being mentioned in the same articles, and today was no different. From The Hockey Writers today:

With only a week until training camps open around the NHL, many players still find themselves searching for employment. Unlike previous years, this summer’s leftovers feature a wide selection of capable veterans and promising prospects.
Jose Theodore had zero regulation losses from January 13 through the end of the regular season in Washington last year. The Capitals had three young goalies waiting in the wings to take his spot, but Theodore is still capable of at least filling a veteran backup role. With no goalies in the Nashville system possessing NHL experience, Jose Theodore would be a great fit behind Pekka Rinne.


I would be very excited if Nashville signed him. Seriously excited. Heck, I could even road trip to Nashville!! Please, please, please...


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