Monday, September 6, 2010

Some "New" Photos I Found On Tumblr

I finally figured out how to search tumblr, and I searched all things José last night. I ran across some awesome photos that I'd never seen anywhere else before...and I shall share them here. Enjoy!

I will start with the most adorable photo. This was posted on flyingfinnishking's tumblr. This was from the 2008 Avs Better Halves Brunch and Fashion Show with players and kids from a children's hospital.

Then this was also on flyingfinnishking's tumblr.

This one just cracks me up. This would've been around early 2005, because I'm pretty sure that's when he had the braces.This came from paulgaustadisasuperhero's tumblr.

From cheyennezombie's tumblr.

And lastly from mercuryilluision's tumblr. Autograph signing while with Caps.


  1. What tattoos does he have on his right shoulder?

  2. He has a 3/4 sleeve tattoo on that arm, and the part at the shoulder is a Chinese dragon (he was born in the year of the dragon.) I'm not usually a fan of tattoos, but his are pretty cool. I'll make a post about his tattoos, because the Caps made a video about them, and there are some good photos.


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