Thursday, June 30, 2011

Free Agency begins TOMORROW!!

Big news could break as early as tomorrow.

I realized after talking to another José fan that I haven't written everything I've heard on here. I forget sometimes that all of you don't follow Mike Russo on twitter, so don't see what he says.

He has been saying for months that the Wild would be very interested in signing José again, as their backup. With Backstrom's long-term/no trade contract, José would still be the backup. But he would definitely be their first choice. Russo feels that the Wild will give José a few days to possibly find a #1 spot, because they all know he deserves one. But just because he deserves one doesn't mean he'll be offered one (as we all saw last season...grumble, grumble, grumble.) So if after a few days he hasn't shown interest in resigning with Minnesota, then they'll pursue other options for their backup.

I have read online that Tomas Vokoun is still very interested in staying with Florida, so that option is probably off the table. And Tampa Bay signed Roloson to a one-year contract, so Tampa is out. Philly is out because they signed Bryzgalov. So that leaves Phoenix. Toronto might be looking for someone to help out Reimer. Garon is a free agent, and he was the backup in Columbus. If they don't resign him, would José be interested in backing up Steve Mason, hoping to possibly slide into #1? (Thanks for that possibility, B.) Anyone know of any other possibilities?

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