Saturday, June 25, 2011

José's Buddy, Brent Burns, Traded Last Night

Last night during the NHL Draft, the Wild traded José's "pesky little brother", Brent Burns to San Jose. In return the Wild got Devin Setoguchi, Charlie Coyle, and a 1st round pick.

I knew that a Burns trade was a possibility. The Wild need scoring power, and Burns is one of the only players they had that other teams would be interested in. But it still came as a surprise at the moment it happened. And all I could think about was all the fun we had watching José and Burnsie "interact" this past season. Burns was such a pest...punching him in the arm, putting him in headlocks, trying to give him noogies. They really seemed to enjoy each other. And when I met José, Burns came into the room right before, and I got to meet him too, and he was really fun and goofy. I'll definitely miss him.

If José returns to Minnesota, it definitely won't be the same without Burnsie. Players are used to this sort of thing, I'm sure, but it still has to be tough.

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