Monday, June 27, 2011

Hockey Wilderness's take on the Wild's UFA's

Over at the Hockey Wilderness (on SB Nation) they discussed the Minnesota Wild's free agents today. Here's what they said about José:

JS: It's a miracle he was still available when the Wild signed him, yet he also does not fit anymore. He was a more than serviceable back-up to Backstrom this year and hopefully, he was able to open a few eyes, because he kept the Wild in more games than he probably should have. For the same reasons as Harding, he's gone, no matter how good he's been. Good luck Theo, and thanks a bunch!

Verdict: Gone.

Elise: Theodore was a great replacement back-up this season. He was solid, at times better than Backs and grew to be well liked by Wild fans. But I don't think he's coming back. The Wild have goalies and Theodore has performed very well as a starting goaltender; he proved last year that he could do that. I see Theodore's past year as proof to the NHL and now he will sign somewhere else who needs a goalie more than the Wild do.

Verdict: not signed.

Bryan: Theodore ruined my year last year. We all wanted to see Borat moved up into the NHL back-up role, and somehow, the Wild just weren't having it. Turns out, Theo was the best free agent signing of the summer. A low cap hit,he is a solid back-up with the credentials to be a number one. It was honestly shocking he was still there when Harding was hurt. Theo has never been a bad goalie. He is a good goalie who has played on some terrible teams. He'll find his way somewhere again next year.

Verdict: As much as we may want him back, he'll sign elsewhere.

Nathan: The best value in the NHL last season, Jose deserves a #1 shot, and it won't be here. He'll garner too much money, and honestly, good for him!

Verdict: I say he ends up in Phoenix.

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