Thursday, June 9, 2011

You never know where José will show up online...

José shows up in some of the oddest articles/places online sometimes. Today at the Bleacher Report, which seems to be a fan-written site, there was an article titled "NHL Hockey Hair: 23 Best Mullets in NHL History."

His was voted as the 23rd best. First of all, in my opinion, José never had a mullet. There was never enough of a difference in the length of the front and the back of his hair to constitute a mullet. He had what I would call "hockey flow." The front flowed into the back...and yes, it was longer than many guys' hairstyles, but it was not a mullet. Here's the photo they used to illustrate...and it's very obviously NOT a mullet. (Again, under my definition.)

FYI...I love his hair this length, but it's not a mullet (have I said that enough?) Haha.

Here was the write-up about him along with his photo:
A modest clipping with a lax-bro vibe, Jose Theodore is one of many players in NHL history whose mullet has been hindered by a goalie mask (more to come).

Theodore will always be remembered for some remarkable playoff runs as a member of the Montreal Canadiens, including a 2004 upset over the Boston Bruins as a seventh seed.

Theodore's mullet was always well tended to, but unfortunately didn't stay around long enough to gain the proper recognition.

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  1. Well IMO he had a mullet technically but it wasnt a mullet like a mullet. A mullet is like the one Jagr had.


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