Sunday, February 17, 2013

A few of José's "favorite things"

Thursday night the Panthers Foundation held a silent auction for baskets of the Panthers' "favorite things." The baskets were put together by the players' "better halves" and were a sampling of some of their favorite things. I thought José's was really neat, because it wasn't just Panthers merchandise, but a real representation of some of his favorite things. Much more personal than a lot of the others. Great job, Stephanie!

The list did leave off tennis balls, I can see those in there. We knew he loved golf, but obviously he enjoys tennis as well.

The Magic Catch Game (they misspelled it on the list) is this:

I just wonder if that's something he enjoys playing with Romi or he just likes it himself. Maybe something to help his reflexes? Not sure...just curious. Haha.

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