Monday, February 18, 2013

Gameday, Panthers vs. Maple Leafs (L, 0-3)

José was first off the ice at morning skate, so it looks like he's back in goal tonight. Let's hope this is the night the team starts turning things around. 2 points would feel really great right about now. But they need to start playing better in all zones and stop hanging their goalie out to dry.

Maple Leafs-Panthers Preview

I take exception to that writer saying José was "shaky" on Saturday night. Just because the Panthers were scored against 6 times doesn't mean HE was shaky. I'm really getting fed up with writers and fans in general.

So, same story different night. First goal was a direct result of a turnover by a dman, 2nd goal was because 3 Panthers were below the goal leaving a Maple Leaf player open in front of the net, and the 3rd goal was another guy left wide open. 

I don't know what is going on with blown coverages and stupid mental errors on this team, but José is the one getting the brunt of the flack for it.

I took the advice of my husband and a couple of friends and didn't even have twitter open during the game tonight. I can see what happens in a game, I don't need the "media" telling me about it online. And then I won't be tempted to search his name on twitter and see all the fans' hate. And I was a lot less stressed out not looking on twitter. I will probably wait until late tonight, or maybe even tomorrow before I look. I still need some of the information the beat writers give. I just don't need their opinions.

For those that don't know, the Panthers' goalies are receiving the brunt of the blame for the poor season, even though the team in front of him has been atrocious. I have never seen so many defensive breakdowns and poor play in both the offensive and defensive zones. But as we know, hockey fans always want to blame the goalie, because they are the last person the puck goes past.

Many fans are calling for Jacob Markstrom to be called up from the AHL. I'm not saying Markstrom is not a good goalie, but I think he needs to complete his AHL season and be ready for next season with the Panthers. No goalie can save this team the way they are playing right now, and there is no reason to throw him into this frying pan.

I don't usually give so much opinion on here, but I'm just really fed up on José's behalf and needed to get that out.


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    1. Hi, Erin! Thanks for the comment. It's always nice to meet another José fan! :) I hate to admit I don't update this blogger site nearly as much as I do my tumblr site. Feel free to check in over there as well

      It's a different format over there and easier to post photos, videos, etc. And I blog back and forth with my followers there, so it's a little more active. But it's also more fangirly and I talk about his looks more, etc. So it's not everyone's cup of tea. But please keep checking in here as well.

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