Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Gameday, Panthers vs. Penguins, W, 6-4

I'm not going to link to the previews anymore, because I'm tired of reading what sportswriters say. It's found on the Panthers website if you'd like to read it. I haven't even looked at it to be honest.

The Penguins are a tough team, and it will be a difficult challenge for the Panthers. But anything can happen.

José started the game, but was taken out after the 2nd period and Clemmensen started in the 3rd. The Panthers had been ahead 4-1, and then it was tied and Dineen felt "Theo wasn't on top of his game and had a rough 2nd period" so he felt Clemmensen should go in.

I'm disappointed for José, because he really played a good game, except for maybe a couple of the goals. But I am glad they won.

Here are a couple of videos Nelly took, one before warm-ups and one after the game.

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