Thursday, February 14, 2013

Gameday, Panthers vs. Canadiens, (0-1, O)

The Panthers have to start turning things around tonight. Let's hope the whole team shows up in front of José and he can shut up all the doubters that are calling for Markstrom to be called up. I'm getting so tired of hearing fans talk about how awful the goaltending is. The TEAM is awful, goalies can't save an awful team! But hopefully they will wake up tonight. I hate to see José going through this.

Canadiens-Panthers Preview

Well José couldn't have done more for them than he did tonight. People said the goalies needed to "save a game" for the Panthers...well you can't save the game if your team doesn't score. He held the Canadiens scoreless through all 3 periods, and then they got one past in OT. So at least the Panthers got a point, that's something. But more importanly José redeemed himself, because there is NO way people can pin this loss on him. He was outstanding! Great saves throughout. Sharp and moving well. Great game. He really deserved the win.

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