Thursday, July 7, 2011

Florida Panthers Press Conference Tomorrow

I learned on twitter that there will be a Florida Panthers press conference held tomorrow, beginning at 11:00 am to welcome their new players. I asked if José would be there, and the writer for the Miami Herald said he thought he would be. We might actually get to see him presented with his Panthers jersey!!! So excited! We were robbed of that opportunity with Minnesota because he was signed so late. :(

I know José was still in Montreal today and visited the Habs Development Camp.
I guess he knows he can't go anywhere in Montreal without someone tweeting it. Three different people tweeted they saw him at a Weezer concert on Monday night. Two different people tweeted they saw him at restaurants. I'd say he'll have a little more anonymity in Florida.

George Richards said the press conference would begin around 11:00 and it should be online (at the Panthers website?) by 4:00. I'll keep my eyes out, although I'll be out of town for the morning and early afternoon.

Anyway, here were the tweets from tonight:

I asked him if he thought José would be there. His response:

Then another tweeter mentioned the press conference.

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