Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Look Back at Some Goalie Love

Those of you who have followed me for a while know at least one thing about me...I love "goalie love." That awesome moment after your team has won the game, and everyone goes out to congratulate your goalie...they show him some love! And the best part of that scene? When the non-starting goalie congratulates the winning goalie...that's the stuff I live for. It was so much fun seeing that between José and Backs this past season, and I did my best to capture the love by screen capturing those moments.

So today I was trying to clean out our DVR. I have too many hockey games saved on there. I have to get them cleaned out before the new season starts. I miss the days of VCRs when you could save the VHS tapes FOREVER! This DVR business...I can only keep so much, and it's annoying to have that stuff kept in there. Progress...grrrr. ;o)

So I watched the January 25th game when the Wild beat Chicago. Backs played the game, and there were no shots of José even on the bench. Until goalie love. And for some reason, I hadn't screen captured that moment (probably because I couldn't watch the game online live on NHL Gamecenter Live, because of the Chicago blackout. And it would've been 48 hours before I could watch it, so I bet I just got busy with other games and didn't go back to the love.) So I did today, and here it is. Enjoy this during this long off-season!!

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