Saturday, July 2, 2011

Part of José's RDS Interview

Thanks to fellow José fan, Joanne for providing me with part of José's interview on RDS. It was in French, so she translated for me:

"I'm really happy and it's fun when it happens before July 1st because it gives more time to organize everything with the family.

It's weird sometimes what happens in the NHL. Last summer, I thought I would get a number one spot pretty easily because I had a great season with the Caps. In the end, I didn't get many calls and I only signed with the Wild in October. This season, my role was more erased and I wasn't expecting such great interest from teams during free agency.

The Panthers were my number one spot because I wanted the chance to play more and it's more pleasant for my family.

I never accept a number two position, no matter what, although I am realistic. My goal is to be number one and I think I am still capable of it, without playing 60 to 70 games like before. I find this opportunity great!"

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