Monday, July 25, 2011

Such a Happy Photo (and a few others too)

This was a pleasant find much happy in this photo set!

Inside the inset photo is Stephanie's sister, Veronique, and her husband Louis. Then that's Stephanie getting a big hug from someone. Must've been a happy moment at a Habs game.

And I realize this is a blog about José, but Stephanie is certainly a big part of his life. And I thought these were cute pictures of Veronique and Stephanie (they were on Vero's Facebook page.)

Stephanie is in the middle and Veronique on the right.

I think she said these two were from 1986.

And then here's one with Veronique and Sebastien Benoit from Aug 2002. I know Sebastien had a TV show...maybe Veronique was on the show with him? José made more than one appearance with him (see bottom photo.)

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