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Text of Interview Posted Earlier

This seems to be the text of one of the interviews done with José after the press conference. Here's the link to the video that shows two of these questions.

This interview was done by Josh Luecht over at The Rat Trick:

Talking With Jose Theodore About Joining The Panthers

Jose Theodore was drafted 44th overall by the Montreal Canadians in 1994, Theodore played eight seasons in Montreal, where he won the Vezina and Hart trophies, both in 2002. In 2006, he was traded to the Colorado Avalanche, where he played two full seasons. Internationally, Theodore has won a gold with Team Canada at the 1996 World Junior Championships, winning the tournament’s Best Goaltender award. He also started for Team Canada at the 2001 World Championships and was a backup for the 2004 World Cup.

The Florida Panthers signed him to a two year deal worth 3 million dollars on July 1st, bringing him in to be the starting goalie for the Panthers.

On Friday I got a chance to chat with Jose and talk a little about his journey to South Florida.

Josh: What’s it like taking over the net for Vokoun, kind of switching roles as he goes to one of your former teams in Washington and how is your goalie style going to help this club?

Jose Theodore: As a goalie what you want to bring is a lot of saves and you want to win games. It’s not an easy position, but the last three or four years my level of play has been pretty high. Washington had a good team, but it didn’t work out as anticipated, but last year in Minnesota was a good stepping stone for me to show people that I can play lots of games and be consistent. I know it’s not going to be easy, and what I learned most last year is that I have to earn my ice time. I’m sure Scott Clemmensen wants to play as much as I do, but I’m 35 and I can still contribute, I want to win, and I want to play. And show you what I’m capable of.

Josh: Are you ready to play, are you healthy, ready to put up some good numbers?

Jose Theodore: I haven’t missed too many games in my career due to injury, I only average maybe 4-5 games per years that I’m out injured, so “knock on wood” my body is pretty good. My last year in Washington I finished 31-7 which are pretty decent numbers. I really thought, after that season in Washington, come July 1st I would have plenty of offers, but as you can see the market is just not there, just like this week with Tomas Vokoun, sometimes the offers are not coming. This last year I showed people I’m capable of winning. I’m excited, and I feel like with this group of guys we are going to be a really good team and going to have success here in Florida.

Josh: Are you going to wear number 60?

Jose Theodore: You know my first NHL game when I was 20 years old I wore 37 because they called me up from the juniors, but after that in my first season as a pro I wore 60, and still wear 60. It fits good, feels good and I’m gonna keep it here.

Josh: Have you heard much about Jacob Markstrom? He was drafted high for this organization. Are you looking forward to having a mentor relationship with him? Help him develop his game either this season or next season?

Jose Theodore: I’ve been helped when I was the upcoming guy, when I was in Montrael, by Jeff Hackett and others along the way. I know Jacob is a top prospect, and just like I did with Varlamov and Neuvirth in Washington I will help these kids out if I can. I’m a team guy and if I can teach them little things and show them tricks and help them with that, that’s great, I’m at that point in my career. I’m looking forward to meeting him and helping him if I can. I appreciate this organization very much and if I can contribute, helping him dominate for this franchise for the next 10-15 years that would be great.

Thanks for talking to me, Jose!
…and thanks for reading!

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