Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gargoyles are Making a Comeback!!! (José's New Mask) No Photos Yet

From Russo's Rants...José is going to be sportin' gargoyles again!! I'm so excited. I adored his Colorado masks with the gargoyles, so I hope this one will be just as snazzy.

Here are the tidbits about José in Russo's Rants today.

"Wild, after its team picture this morning on the Xcel Energy Center ice, had an optional practice. Nine guys skated, including rookie Colton Gillies and recouping Pierre-Marc Bouchard, plus goalies Niklas Backstrom and Jose Theodore.

Theodore's new mask is in. Neat looking thing -- another Todd Miska creation. He's always had gargoyles on his mask in Montreal and Denver, so Miska put one on each side with the head being a Wild logo.

Lastly, Richards said he'll decide Wednesday which goalie starts vs. Washington. He says both have good reasons to start -- Backstrom's playing well and Theodore's a former Cap. For my money, Backstrom is a no-brainer. He's playing great and Theodore, coming off a five-goal outing vs. Vancouver, is not ready to once again be thrown in behind a fragile group facing Washington's ridiculous firepower.

That's just my opinion. I could be wrong."

Here was a photo from today's practice when they were preparing for team photos. I can see José down in the center, with his back to the camera, but the mask is not in sight.

And then a very blurry one of the team...is José on this end, front row? It's definitely a goalie...but the number doesn't look like 60...or is he on the opposite end of chairs? I'm sure there will be a better photo soon.

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  1. You know, I think that is Jose on the bottom closest to us. The goalie at the other end is going bald. Or is that an exec? I can't wait to see his mask. It sounds cool!


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