Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Few More Photos From Yesterday's Outdoor Practice

I realized I didn't make a post about whether José was starting in the Wild's game against Detroit today. But I guess you all figured that one out on your own. He didn't start. The game is going very well though. It's tied 1-1 in the 3rd period. Backstrom is having a great game.

Now, a few more photos I found today from the outdoor practice. These were found accompanying an article by the StarTribune's Kent Youngblood this morning.

This one has rocketed to one of my very favorite photos of him. I mean, how cool is this guy?

They had a 4-on-4 scrimmage at the practice. Green Team won, and you can see José in the middle there.

And a group photo...You can see Sir Lord of Cool in the front there.

Still waiting for the official stuff from the Wild's website.



    There are some more pics for you. I have many more of Theo, too.

  2. Thanks very much, Dan! You have great photos there!! I'm going to make a separate entry for some of them, citing back to your site of course. If you don't like how I do it, please let me know and I'll change it. Thanks for sharing!!


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