Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wild (and José) Win in Shootout in St. Louis (and I was there!)

I didn't blog last night during the game, because my butt was in the stands at Scottrade Center in St. Louis watching the Wild/Blues game live! It was my first live NHL game, and it was so much fun! My brother drove me down there. He'd been to quite a few Blues games, but I never had. I was so pleased when I heard that José would be the starter.

There was a lot of scoring in the game, and the shootout was so nervewracking! I hate shootouts! It didn't start out well for José, but he showed one of the reasons I respect him so much. He shook it off, adjusted and came back strong! He was a shootout beast, and won it!! Here was his comment after the game:

"The first three shots, they had two goals," Theodore said. "After that you kind of get that rhythm. I adjusted a few things, my timing, and then I felt pretty solid."

Here's my thought on goalies and shootout...even if a goalie has the first 3 goals scored on him, if his teammates score 3 goals also, then it's a whole new game, and it continues. So it's just as much up to those scorers as it is to the goalies, right? But the goalies are the ones that get the crap fallout from shootout losses. That really aggravates me. And if a goalie doesn't really have confidence that his teammates are going to score, that has to be weighing on their mind. Luckily the Wild scored in the shootout early on, and that had to give José some confidence and gave him the time to adjust what he was doing. Way to go, Wild and José!!

José stopped 31 of 35 shots. He stopped 6 of the 9 shooters in the shootout.

I tried not to be obnoxious around all the Blues fans during the game. I was relatively quiet, but I did clap when the Wild scored goals. BUT during the shootout, I couldn't contain myself. I had to show my support for José. So after each save he had, I screamed "Joooosssssé"!! I got a few "looks" from Blues fans, but no one gave me crap. There was one other Wild fan a few rows down the way.

Then after the game, I didn't even put my coat back on, because I was so proud of José and I wanted everyone to see I was his fan, so I wanted my Theo jersey to be where everyone could see it. I walked back to the car in freezing temps with my Theo jersey uncovered for all to see!! I love that guy!!! :o)

My camera is not great, and my photography skills are even less great. So I took lots of photos, but they are nothing special. But here's one to show that I was actually there.

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