Tuesday, February 1, 2011

José Will Start Thursday in Colorado, Wild Won Tonight

The Wild played LA at home tonight. Backs got a shutout and a SHOOTOUT WIN! That's a pretty big deal for him! So good for him.

And after the game Russo tweeted:

"Richards said Jose Theodore will play Thurs in Colorado despite Backstrom's 1-0 SO tonight. They want to get him playing again."

I would be happy about that if it was anywhere but Colorado. Those fans are such haters! But he'll go in there and show them how awesome he still is, and the Wild will win, and all will be well in the universe!

And here was the goalie love from tonight...FSN did not do me a solid with their showing of the love. They made the screen a little bitty tiny box, so we couldn't see crap. José had an absolutely gorgeous smile when congratulating Backs, but we couldn't really see it!

This smile would've been to die for, had we been able to see it! Oh FSN, I oughta!!!

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