Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gameday, Wild @ Avs, Wild Win 4-3!

The Wild are back on the road tonight, and José will get the start! The coach said they'd made the decision to start him during the break, before Backs' shutout the other night. They want to keep both goalies ready.

Go Theo!!

That last one was José looking back while going off the ice after the 1st period (Wild lead 2-0), and I can tell his eyes are saying, "Take that bitches!"

He stopped 12 SOG.

2nd period is over, Wild lead 3-1. He faced 10 more SOG.

That photo shows my favorite part of Wild wins. ;o) The Brotherhood of the Goalie. ;o)

Wild won 4-3 (that 3rd goal was scored with about 10 seconds left. Aargh!)
José saved 38 of 41 SOG!! Great game, Theo!!

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