Wednesday, February 16, 2011

José Was 3rd Star of the Game

3rd Star of the Game!
I'm sure he would've preferred a win, but at least he was recognized for his excellent effort.
He's now 10-8-2, .914, 2.70

And he was the 1st star over at Hockey Wilderness. Here is a quote from there:
"José Theodore needed to play a heroic game to keep his Wild in the game and he did just that, making 18 saves in the second period to limit the damage and keep it a one goal game."
"Jose Theodore played out of his mind..."

Hockey Wilderness 3 stars:
1. Jose Theodore (18 saves in the 2nd period, 34 overall, many key saves, kept the Wild in it)

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  1. :( he totally deserved the win. Stupid Blackhawks. Hate em.


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