Sunday, April 15, 2012

Gameday (Game 2 of Playoffs!) Panthers vs. Devils, W, 4-2!!

This 1st period is going much better than the last game. The Devils have only had 4 shots on goal so far, and José stopped them all. Of course, the Panthers have only had 3 shots on goal, but at least one of theirs went in during a PP, so they lead 1-0. I'm just so glad the defense has showed up to this game!

Check out the pucks in this photo ("win.")

Sorry for the slow updates. I got so distracted by the game, I totally forgot.

What a game!! The Panthers were leading 3-0 after 2 periods. Then the Devils came out flying in the 3rd and scored a couple of quick goals. But José and the rest of the team hung on for the win. José is so clutch. He held down the fort when it was really needed with some big saves.

And now he has that stupid playoff knock off his back. The way people have knocked him about his playoff record is ridiculous anyway, because they are only looking at his past 2 trips (with the Capitals.) And the biggest problem there was the coach not giving him enough of a chance to right the ship. Before that he was the MVP of a playoff series in Colorado, and he practically singlehandedly beat the Bruins 2 different seasons in the playoffs in Montreal. He has done well in playoffs, and he's not been given a fair appraisal the past couple of years. One of these days I'll write a more complete post about that.

But for now, let's enjoy this victory. The Panthers head to NJ with the series tied at 1. They have their first playoff victory under their belt since 1997, and they are ready for more! They play on Tuesday and Thursday in NJ. Then back in Florida on Saturday.

José ended tonight saving 23 of 25 shots.

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