Friday, April 13, 2012

Gameday (Playoffs Edition!), L (2-3) (José in goal)

José was under serious pressure he whole first period. He was peppered with 26 shots on goal!!! Unfortunately 3 got through, but honestly he stood on his head, and it easily could be 6-0. And of course the Panthers' scoring woes are back, and they've only gotten 9 shots on goal and scored none.

So after one period, the Panthers trail 3-0, José saved 23 of 26 shots. They also had to kill 6 minutes of PP. One goal was scored during the 4 minute PP (which resulted from a totally bogus high-sticking call.)

Let's hope they can cool down the Devils in the 2nd, because José is under siege.
The Panthers came alive in the 2nd period and now only trail by 1 goal (3-2.) José had a little more breathing room and only had to face 6 more shots, so he's saved 29 of 32.

Let's hope the Panthers can keep the momentum into the 3rd period.

I can't take any screen captures tonight, because the game is blacked out on Gamecenter (I believe most of the playoff games will be, because they are almost all televised on one network or another.) Since tonight's game is on NHL Network, it's blacked out on NHL Gamecenter for 48 hours. But luckily I upgraded my cable package 2 weeks ago, just for this reason, so now I get NHL Network.

Well, I have to say I'm more calm and ok than I thought I would be after a loss. But I honestly feel pretty good about the Panthers play...except for that atrocious 1st period. And that period showed people that José is still on top of his game facing those 26 shots. Martin Brodeur said "If it wasn't for José, the score would've been a lot higher. He played unbelievable." That's from the legend himself.

So José kept them in it in the first, the Panthers were better in the 2nd, not so great in the 3rd, but they really hung in there. So I felt pretty good after it was all said and done.

Dineen said "A solid night by our goaltender. If he didn't play the way he did in that 1st we would've been in trouble."

He ended up with 35 saves on 38 shots. And I feel he will get the next start. I'm so proud of him!

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