Thursday, April 5, 2012

Gameday, Panthers @ Capitals, L (2-4) But they clinched a playoff spot!!

After the first period, the Panthers trail the Capitals 0-1. José stopped 7 of 8 shots on goal. The one that got through was a flukey deflection goal. I'm more concerned with the fact that the Panthers had a power play and didn't get one shot on goal during the two minutes. :(

We need the offense to show up...soon!

The Panthers trail 1-3 after the 2nd period. José was pulled temporarily after the 3rd goal, but was back in not long after. Seemed to be more of a "breather" rather than using a timeout. None of those goals were soft, it's just unfortunate that this had to happen against Washington, in Washington. The fans were not kind to him.

Ok, so I would've much rather won tonight to clinch the playoff spot, but however it happened, it happened. Buffalo lost tonight, so both the Caps and Panthers clinched playoff spots. The Panthers can still clinch the division with a win on Saturday, last game of the season. They're trying to make it as exciting as possible, I guess? ~sigh~

I am extremely proud of José for sticking it out, not losing his cool after the 3 goals, and after being temporarily pulled in the 2nd. He hung in there and gave them a chance to win. The Panthers just couldn't convert on many opportunities.

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