Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Gameday (Playoffs Game 6) Panthers @ Devils, L, 2-3 (OT) (Clemmensen in goal due to injured José)

Jacob Markstrom was recalled from San Antonio. He and Clemmensen were the goalies on the ice for morning skate. José is with the team, but not on the ice. It's being reports as a "not serious" injury. I wonder if it's still related to the knee problems he had earlier in the season. Hopefully a few days rest will make him good as new. Rooting for a big win tonight, so he can rest and get ready for the 2nd round!

Media reported "Theodore is with team. Injury not serious. Had it before." So that would definitely make it seem like it's his knee, and let's hope it really isn't serious. ******************************************************************************************** Unfortunately the Panthers couldn't pull out a win tonight, so the series heads back to Sunrise for Game 7 on Thursday (time not determined yet.) The Panthers only put 16 shots on goal. That's not a good way to win a game. Let's hope there is more offense on Thursday. By the way, Blogger just changed their site tonight, so everything is new to me. I might struggle for a bit. Bear with me.

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